Radiology Technician



1. Name of the Trade :
2. Duration of Craftsmen Training :
3. Entry Qualification :

Two Year
Passes 12th(Science) Class Examination


After completion of the course trainees should be able to work as Radiology/Radio Therapy Technician in Hospitals, Clinics, Medical laboratories, in Private practice and in recruitment to subordinate post and services under the Central Government, State Governments & Abroad.


A career in radiology technician offers a promising future, job stability and a good salary. As technology advances and the population ages, the demand for radiologic exams and procedures has grown. The country needs qualified professionals to provide medical imaging and radiation therapy. Wages of radiologic technologists are competitive with other health professionals who have similar educational backgrounds.
In today's economy, finding work in a growing career field with solid salary prospects is often the number one priority on any job-seeker's list. This is a difficult task, but the good news is that a career as a radiology technician meets both of those needs. Entering a radiology career gives you a foothold in the health care field, which is rapidly expanding due to an aging population of baby boomers that will need an increasing amount of health care. Many people find radiology careers attractive because it allows them to enter the health care field and help others without many of the more stressful—or perhaps undesirable — responsibilities of nurses and doctors. Also, radiology is an area within health care that is expected to surge rapidly.