About Us

National Industrial Training Centre - 'NITC' ----- An Institute with a vision.

National Industrial Training Centre - Among the premier and pioneer institutions all over the country. It is recognized and known for its initiative for running the courses Health Sanitary Inspector, Library and Information Science and Dental Mechanics under National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) for the first time. The Institute is running under Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India. The institute's affiliation with NCVT gives the students graduating under these trades new hopes and opportunities by recognizing their degrees not only in India but worldwide.

The institute is a unique syndicate working with an objective to bring a gigantic transformation in the society, It visualizes training in self employment trades and has hence given platform to Dental Mechanics Course after 10th Standard. The eligibility criteria of the trades seen via NCVT gives extreme opportunities to the youth. The institute gets students from all over the country representing all states and vast cultural diversity.

Broad infrastructure, network and talented team makes it an ideal place for learning these trades. The content of the courses is taught by organizing lectures, seminars, providing resource material for learning through libraries and laboratories, organizing their visits to various concerned organizations and functionaries for live demonstrations, assigning project work.

For the Dental Laboratory Technician, learning is both on the Indian and foreign equipments so that students have a better know how of the skilled and advance technology.

For Health Sanitary Inspector : They are provided with theory classes, field training assigned seminars and projects, model making resourse material so as make them more aware environmentally aware friendly low-petents
Library information Science : Is supplemented with library automation software so that they can work on computerized technology for library management. National industrial training centre has set up its own computerized library. These computers are having highly integrated advanced integrated library software, to make the students of of library and information science skillful in the field of library automation. As the era of today is era of computer and almost all the big libraries are now fully automated course of library and information science is designed in such a way that students can not only work manually but also through computer particularly for auto cataloguing and auto classification .all these computer are also connected to internet ,so there is an extra facility to browse on line public access catalogue which enables a student to read almost all the books available on internet.

The institute has its own renowned English Academy in collaboration with Brainwave System Pvt. Ltd. equipped with highly advanced audio-visual aids and computer software for teaching students thoroughly so that students can improve their spoken english speaking and writing skills.

Through our language laboratories, the Language Development Program supports students whose learning styles have created barriers to academic progress. This program is designed to help them develop their awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills that support learning, and help them internalize the study routines and organizational strategies that facilitate the learning process. The Program features individualized instruction in small groups or individual tutorial sessions in the language labs that supplement the mainstream courses. The professional staff works closely with each student to monitor his progress. The outcome is a confident student ready to accept new challenges.

A Dedicated Teacher resource facility fully equipped with supporting technology infrastructure has been created for the teaching staff. The teachers use the facility to create their own specific resource requirement plans and evaluate their teaching sessions. Teachers can then choose from a basket of resources provided to them for a specific topic, subject or class. Teachers also upload any presentation materials that they may choose to create for the classroom sessions